Solving Business Problems – Restaurant Case Study

Your business faces issues.  Most of them are relatively common problems that other similar businesses face. Every business problem falls into a specific category and can be solved by looking at what’s causing the problem.  If you can identify the issue, you can systematically look at what is causing the problem through what’s called a “framework” and arrive at a solution.

Case Study:

Your friend owns a restaurant.  His guests consistently have to wait a half-hour for a table.  What if anything should he do?

– First determine is he turning away any customers by making them wait? Some people don’t mind waiting at some high-end restaurants

– Assuming potential paying guests are leaving, first examine ways to reduce the wait (are there area’s of inefficiency?)

– waitstaff not interacting with tables efficiently
– kitchen not getting food out in a timely manner
– buspeople not cleaning tables as soon as guests leave
– Is there a better way to organize the dining room to get more capacity?

– Once these areas are addressed and there is still a wait, how can you capitalize on these people?

– Send people to bar
– biergarden or lounge or entertainment
– Keep guests engaged and spending money while they wait

If your business is facing a problem and needs help, there’s a framework to help you solve it.  Leave a comment and lets find your solution!

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